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Are you looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities?

Because DFWAQ is always looking for committed volunteers!


DFWAQ is a small community-based association, part of a larger National organisation. We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Committee positions
  • Veterans’ advocacy
  • Veterans’ welfare support
  • Conduct of poppy services and other bereavement services
  • Research and writing submissions to government on veterans’ issues
  • Policy advocacy activities such as writing to members of parliament on various veterans’ issues


Each type of opportunity has a different level of commitment, though most opportunities can be carried out remotely.

To become an advocate requires a significant amount of training and mentorship, as well as an ongoing time commitment to the veterans being assisted.

Conducting poppy services requires local travel, public speaking, appropriate attire (mourning), and flexibility to attend services as required.

We can match appropriate volunteers to roles.

To discuss volunteer opportunities, please get in touch.